12 Amazing apps to make your business life easier and more enjoyable

Cell phones have become an indispensable tool for the modern business person. Not only do you have the computing power of what was a powerful desktop just a few years back, you have broadband internet access, a powerful camera, a GPS, tons of storage and many other miracles of modern science in a nice portable […]

Adding new lines to increase your bottom line

Flashback 2009

In the midst of the Great Recession of our time, I was out making my usual sales calls. When I came across several distributors who seemed to figure out how to overcome the recent economic downturn. All three had come up with the same different spins on the same plan.

Within a three day period if visited these customers and this is what ensued.

The state of 3D printing (additive manufacturing) – Will the next cheap-labor fastener manufacturer sit on your desktop?

Pacific Design Show 2015, Anaheim California: It was like walking through a time machine into the future. They had aisle after aisle of robots and 3D printers of every shape and size. There is a definite change coming to manufacturing within the next several years. Manufacturing just might be coming back to the United States, […]

Welcome to FastenerProAlliance.com

Welcome to the Fastener Pro Alliance. This site is dedicated to supporting Fastener Professionals and their companies. This site is in its infancy, and we have new content and resources being added weekly, if not daily. Please take a few minutes to look around and explore. The full site is currently free, however, in the […]